Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our DAWANDA shop is full of new goodies!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller # 10 - Personal Treasures


Phyllis Mufson is a jewelry artisan and a creative career and small business coach. She started making jewelry while directing the Locks Career Center at Moore College of Art & Design, an inspiring environment where she worked with wonderfully creative people.
Her design is absolutely refined, she manages to assemble different materials with filigran lightness, but at the same time very sophisticated.I just would feel like one million dollars wearing this necklace

I also admire how she adds beads with diferent shades of the same color, but not in a common degradé effect, but creating a new pallete that offers a fresh new combination!

If you want to add cool sophistication to your look, go and get it at Personal Treasures!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller # 9 - Personality Plus Boutique

This feature is dedicated to Personality Plus Boutique!
The perfect choice for all of us who love to customize!!

AdrienneN is dedicated to bringing you unique, quality embroidered gifts at an unbeatable price! She loves to customize orders so if you want something specific let her know and she will let you know what she can do.

This is an absolutely fabulous tote for church or anywhere else around town, letting everybody know that you are a valued daughter of God. What an original idea!

You get to choose your color of tote as well as the color of the thread writing.

Take a look at this Birthday party-favors!

What a great party idea! Get each of your party goers a customized t-shirt! You can have it made up to fit in with the theme of your party and your party goers will be able to remember long after the party what fun they had.

This is such a great gift idea! Take a quality, big white fluffy towel and add your recipients name and baptism date in the color of your choice. Then they will include a great poem on being baptized, printed on a glossy, photo quality paper. Making it perfect memorabilia to use on your special persons baptism scrapbook page.

Gift Hint: This makes a really cute gift if you include a small bag of candy in the same color as the thread (probably the persons fav. color).

This can be a lasting keepsake and very unique gift!

Adrienne also has a blog called Personality: another mom and daughter team! They have wanted to start our own business for years, and they have finally done it! Charlotte is the Mom. She is the mother of 4 and Grandma to 18! She has worked as a seamstress for years and has done commercial embroidery for over 15 years! Adrienne is the daughter and she is the mom to 4 and step mom to 3. (or 5...She has 2 step daughters that she still lovingly claims from her first marriage, and 3 step children from her current marriage.) Adrienne teaches Preschool out of her home and loves children!

Now, what are you waiting for?

Put your desires together and order the bag, blanket or t-shirt of your dreams!!!

AdrienneN on Etsy:

Their blog:

Their website:

Featured Etsy Seller # 8 - Creative Sundries

My featured seller today is Creative Sundries!
This is a mother-daughter/friend-friend team in Minnesota.
They specialize in vintage treasures and unusual ephemera, as well as handmade ATCs, notecards, crocheted cuffs, and jewelry.

I must talk about this one item that speaks to my soul:

the Total Disregard for the Rules Necklace!!

It is dedicated to the spirit of children, who inspire me with their vision, and sometimes mischief. Whether you're a rule-enforcer or rule-breaker--or both--this necklace could spark a lively discussion on the merits and dangers of running up and or down a slide.
As the artistic director of T4G, my theater company which presents avant-garde plays for children, I totally identify myself with this!

I just love all this pendants they create! I'm about to make a jumbo order to Germany, right in time for Xmas presents!

Do visit their shop at etsy! http://CreativeSundries's shop
Their blog:
Like me, they are also member of teh fabulous INDIEPUBLIC:

Promobags are almost ready for the oven!

We are now 12 Sellers on the Dawanda Promobags in Köln!

At ContasKoeln At ContasKoeln Beads

Monday, November 5, 2007

Direct hotline to Santa!

This great idea was posted by Fearless Fibers in her blog. Just what one needs for Xmas! It's a direct hotline to Santa!! Take a look!

The World’s Greatest Holiday Shopping ListMost of you are all familiar with my Etsy shop, but I wonder how many of you know about a great Etsy feature that you might just use yourself this holiday season?I’m talking about the “Favorites” feature on Etsy. Although it’s not meant to be specifically a wish list for holiday shopping, you can easily use it to your advantage that way. It’s simple. Just login to your Etsy account (if you don’t have one, registering is simple and requires no detailed personal information beyond your e-mail address and name), and then browse around to find things you love. When you come upon an item of interest, within the listing description you’ll see a link on the lower right side that says “Add Item to Favorites.” Just click that link and the item will be marked as a “favorite.” Now here’s the fun part. When your husband or sister or best friend or mother asks what you might like as a gift this holiday season, you can point them to your list. All they have to do is type your Etsy ID name in their browser, followed by "" (For example, my username is fearlessfibers, so my URL is: Even if you don’t have a shop on Etsy, a page still comes up and on that page there is a link that says, “Favorites.” There, your gift-giving loved ones can find your wish list. How cool is that?! If you have no shame (I know I don’t!), you can even go to your favorites list when it’s complete, copy the URL and e-mail it to that husband or sister or best friend or mother.One important thing to note: If you decide to create a holiday wish list this way, be sure to check back every few days. If items on your list are sold or removed from the site by the seller, you may want to remove them from your favorites so that your shopping friends and family won't become frustrated if they find that the items you've marked are unavailable.
And, of course, if you are more of the giving sort and not so interested in your own wish list, you can ask your friends and family to make their own wish lists to help you out with your shopping this holiday season.Just thought you all might like to know about this feature. It’s much easier to drop a URL than a subtle hint ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller # 7 - KALA

My 7th. featured seller is Karen from KALA!

I was mesmerized by this print the first time I saw it!

I must say it still has the same effect!

She has an amazing sense for colours, there is one word to describe her work: delicacy!

Some lines about her:

Karen Jinks (otherwise know as Kala) has an illustration degree from Norwich School of Art & Design, and now lives in Cambridge with her partner and 2 little ones. Karen specializes in stationery, gifts and accessories for weddings and christenings. She also loves collage, illustration and textiles. Additionally, she also makes knitted and crocheted bags, fluffy animals and jewelery and occasionally gets the sewing machine out if she is feeling adventurous!

Karen loves to create and has trouble deciding what to so you’ll find a bit of just about everything in her shop!

She is a true artist, and these are my favorites!

Do visit her shop at Etsy to find out which are yours!


Don't miss her beautiful Blog:

Abd her website: